Insight and imagination,

Precision and personality,

Vision that comes as a value.

Showtime Landscaping dedicates both artful creativity and thorough consideration to your exterior design. Your desires and budget inform every step of the process, from consultation to completion (which is only called “complete” once it has your approval).

Our list of services is constantly growing, just like our lush landscapes. That’s because every project is unique, and we’re always coming up with new ways to impress clients and outdo ourselves.

But just to get an idea of what we can do for you, here are some of our key services:


Every beautiful yard begins with the right design. A design should take into account the space’s unique features and highlight a property’s real estate (your home). Art perception and intelligence are both needed to understand the atmosphere and appearance that a client desires. Through in-depth consultation and an analysis of your front or backyard, Showtime Landscaping brings you original designs that have never been seen before. Your unique design will captivate you on the page and then blow you away when it becomes your own landscape at home.

Landscape Installation

Planning a standout landscape is one thing, but installation is equally important. It means bringing that design to life, just as you imagined it. Talented and hard-working landscapers get their hands dirty with the little details to achieve the bigger picture. You want installation from a company you trust to be around your home throughout the process of your landscaping. Operations, modifications and enhancements are overseen by an experienced crew that’s ready to put in the effort and labor necessary to achieve perfection.

Water Features

Water features are one of the most popular ways to create a focal point that viewers can’t look away from. They transform a yard’s ambience instantly, so that it seems more relaxed and more majestic at the same time. Whether you’re interested in a pond, waterfall or fountain, it’s important to remember that the beauty comes with a lot of planning to work with your lawn’s irrigation system, climate and culture (such as temperatures, evaporation, live fish and plant life). Large or small, water features require an expert design eye paired with a talented crew of trusted installation professionals.


A stunning centerpiece for any landscaping design is a rockscape. Tall walls or flat paths, complex patterns or simple statement peices, Showtime Landscaping utilizes rockscapes to anchor overall landscaping design and catch the eye. These features are appreciated for their low-maintenance requirements and immediate aesthetic pull. Fire pits, steps and stairs or water feature enhancements are just a few of the ways we use rockscaping to elevate the look and feel of your home’s landscaping.

Property Color Schemes

Color schemes require an artful eye. Our talented designers start with your preferred palette and work with complementary tones, contrasting shades and pops of accent color. Green is never just green, it’s many shades and tones, textures and styles. Showtime Landscaping considers the colors of your home, the surrounding properties and even sunlight and shadow. Color aesthetics can affect the mood of the viewer: They can energize or calm. They direct the eye and highlight overall design by accentuating or camouflaging. With our vast knowledge of plant life and design options, we’ll select the elements that fit the color scheme you have in mind for your property.

Exterior Low-Voltage Lighting

Lighting amplifies all aspects of design. You don’t want to just enjoy your yard in the daytime, you’ll want to see your beautiful landscape at sunrise, sunset and throughout the night. With well-placed fixtures, your home and yard will be bathed in flattering light. Angles, shadows, wiring and especially safety are taken into account by Showtime Landscaping professionals who implement the low-voltage lighting elements of your landscaping. We keep in mind your budget not just up-front, but the way our lighting installations will affect your electric bill over time. Bring your décor to life with just the right amount of light in exactly the right places.


Once you have the gorgeous plants, flowers and feature elements of your landscape, it all needs to thrive with the right fertilizer and soil conditions. We want your landscape to flourish and grow, long after we initially install it. Because Showtime Landscape doesn’t just do the job and disappear, we follow up with maintenance and upgrades, and all of that is improved if it begins with the right fertilization for the type of yard conditions, water distribution, lighting and living elements that are unique to your property. The type of plants in your yard, their age, their temperament, their rooting and weed suppressant and all come into play when we plan your fertilization treatment.


It begins with design, followed by installation. But after the immediate excitement of your beautiful new landscape, the most important thing is maintenance. You want all of that hard work and the impressive results to last. Additionally, you want it to grow and become even more beautiful over time with grooming and treatments. Maintenance is often overlooked; it’s not just a by-the-book step that any landscaper or gardener can do with the same result. If you want quality maintenance to preserve your investment and retain the integrity and value of your property, you want Showtime Landscaping.